Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is your moving company licensed and insured?
A: We are a fully licensed and insured Moving Company, regulated by the State of
Florida. Dept of Home Goods and Services. Under state regulations every licensed carrier is required to carry auto, cargo and general liability insurance. We also carry workers compensation and commercial truck policies. Ask ALL of the companies you are soliciting quotes from about their coverages.

Q: How do you protect the furniture from damages?
A: We wrap your furniture with furniture pads and then secure them with stretch wrap to eliminate damages and scratches to your furniture. We also use cargo straps on our trucks to tie down and secure certain objects from shifting during transit.

Q: What are your insurance options?
A: We offer the standard valuation of 60cents per pound and then offer additional and full coverage based on the pieces and aggregate value of the inventory. More information can be found in the Insurance sub-page. We do not warranty Particle Board and other pressed wood furniture for its integrity and quality is not made for multiple moves and the associated shifting and stressing seen when lifted and carried.

Q: How do you charge?
A: We have always believed in transparent and straightforward billing – leaving our clients with the peace of mind that he move charges will be exactly in line with what we both envisioned. We do not take deposits and because we BILL BY THE MINUTE, we do not bill you until the job is done. The estimates are non-binding and will only be as accurate as the details provided. Help our estimators by making sure we have the correct inventory and location details. Our Goal is to deliver a Safe & Efficient move at the Right Price!
Our estimate is based off of your details and our experience. For clarity’s sake the quote is broken down into two parts:

  1. The Truck Fee includes mileage, fuel, furniture pads, dollies, straps, etc.
  2. The Labor Rate is based off the size of the crew and is prorated by the minute, so you’ll never pay more than the exact time we work.
  3. Please note: We have a 2hr minimum, so anything beyond that is pro-rated by the minute! The more organized you are, the faster your move will be!

The Truck Fee and Labor Rate include everything, there are NO other charges or fees.

This Estimate assumes that you are packed, organized and ready to Move!

Q: What is the Labor Rate?
A: Our Labor Rate is a function of what it takes us to pay a prevailing wage, cover our insurances, worker’s comp policy, pay FICA and support a full time W2 staff. This charge also allows us to outfit our crews with uniforms, provide them paid and professional training and pay an office staff that works to deliver the communication and logistical help needed for a business of our size.

The rate is subject to size of the crew and is prorated by the minute (anyone else in the industry doing this?), so you’ll never pay more than the EXACT time we work.

Q: What is the Truck Charge?
A: Most moving companies charge a fee for their commute to and from the job in what is
known as a “travel fee”. Bayside Moving has a more reasonable approach. For labor charges, we start the clock when the truck and crew are in position at your starting location. We stop the clock once we are finished and you are satisfied with the placement of the items at your final destination. However, we do need to account for the expense in the use of our trucks (fuel which includes getting from our facility to the pick­up location, and from the final destination back to our facility. In addition we must cover the cost of our guys’ labor, tolls, wrap, blankets, repairs and the moving equipment used.

Q: How do you set the high-end and low-end estimates for a move?A: The High-End and Low-End quoting process has been a key part of our estimating process since our inception. The range we provide you is based on YOUR DETAILS. Our estimators use years of experience gauging the complexity of each job and assign the number of hours it will take the appropriately sized crew to complete the job in a safe and efficient manner. The high end represents a slight inflation of the inventory and access simplicity and the low end is the best-case scenario given what we’ve seen in the submitted job form.

This NON-Binding estimate is based on several factors including inventory, stairs, hallway length, parking proximity, organization of client’s items, etc… Proper Inventories and Detail submissions from the on set and during email communications before the job ensure an accurate time estimate. In some cases there are extemporaneous circumstances that will blow an estimate. Examples of this include, furniture built inside an apartment now requiring disembly, drop off location difficulties, fitting items inside new residence, misrepresented details and lists that magically expand the night before the move!

By taking the time up to fill the initial job request in correctly, everyone involved will be fully aware of the specific circumstances they will find on moving day. The majority of moving companies base their estimates for local moves on an hourly rate. Inaccurate inventory lists and consolidation by customers are some of the biggest contributors to jobs taking longer than the High End estimate.

Q: Should I empty my dresser drawers?
A: Moving time is reduced and maneuverability is increased when your dresser drawers are empty. If the dresser is small and lightweight, the only items that need to be removed are breakables, liquids, valuables, money, jewelry, or important documents. Don’t worry about taping drawers shut, the wrapping process secures them. As a note – Please remove shelving & hardware from furniture, as it will speed up the move process and limit forgotten shelf breakage.

Q: Will the movers dissemble and reassemble my furniture?
A: We have all the necessary tools to disassemble and reassemble your furniture if needed. Be aware that disembly for some furniture is not recommended for different reasons. If you happen to have furniture that cannot be disassembled, we will find an alternative way to move it. Many customers wish to handle disembly and reassembly on their own to save time. This is perfectly acceptable. Just remember to keep track of all hardware (hint: zip-loc bags).
WE DO CUT BOX SPRINGS, let the crew leader know before hand, or we can come after for $55 in case a surprise staircase will not allow the box spring to pass!

Q: Will I be charged for any extras?
A: No. We never charge any fees not described in your estimate email.

Q: Why do I need 3 (or 4 or more) movers for my move?
A: Bayside Moving always assigns the most efficient number of movers to each move.
Depending on your specific situation, we will let you know the most cost effective solution to meet your specific needs. It is usually more expensive and time consuming to under­staff a move. A smaller crew might have a lower hourly rate, but they will take longer to complete the move. It has been well documented that when there aren’t enough movers on a job, crews are more likely to rush and fatigue sooner, raising the possibility of damage or injury.

Q: Do the movers take a lunch or stop for breaks?
A: On certain jobs, especially longer more physically demanding ones, the movers may wish to break temporarily. When a break becomes necessary, the customer will always be informed and the duration of the break will be deducted from the total hourly labor expense.

Q: Why is there a window for my afternoon job?
A: In certain cases we might provide you with a window of arrival if your move is scheduled in the afternoon. It might be the crew’s second move of that day, and we can’t be 100% certain of their arrival time until the first move is finished. Although we try our best, there is no formula that can determine the exact duration of any jobs that we scheduled prior to yours. However, we will stay in contact the day of the move and call you with an updated ETA.

Q: What if my move takes 3 hours and 11 minutes. Do I pay for 4 hours?
A: Bayside Moving only charges you for the time we actually work. We bill by the minute – almost unheard of in our industry. So, if your move takes 3 hours and 11 minutes, you only pay for 3 hours and 11 minutes, or 3.18HRs, worth of work. Many other moving companies round up to the nearest hour.

Q: What type of payment do you accept?
A: We accept: cash, personal check, money order, company check.

Q: How much am I expected to tip?
A: You are NEVER expected to tip, and our movers never ask. While gratuities are customary and greatly appreciated, they are not required. Our crews work very hard and try their best to complete every job to the customer’s satisfaction. This is our number one concern. Tips are a great way to show that you appreciate the movers’ attention to detail, diligence and effort. Common gratuity is $5-10 per hour, per laborer on local jobs and 10-15$ per 100mi on long distance jobs.